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Casas Advisors was founded with the goal of helping home buyers and sellers improve their overall real estate experience and achieve the American dream of homeownership. Our excellent customer service is focused on treating our clients with respect, honesty, and efficiency. We strive to make clients feel comfortable during the home buying or selling process and will provide them all the knowledge and services needed in order to make informed decisions.
Our young and ambitious team has over 50 years of combined experience in the real estate industry in the San Diego area and speak English and Spanish fluently. We understand our clients’ dreams and struggles, and are dedicated to support and assist them during and after every real estate transaction. We truly believe referrals are the best compliment one can provide. Our mission is to create long term relationships in order to become your trusted real estate advisors for life.


2110, 2016

How to find good investment properties in San Diego

One of the biggest questions among local investors is “How to find good investment properties in San Diego.

Foreclosure deals are not as numerous as they were a few years back… finding the best deals in […]

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1509, 2015

10 tips for cutting winter costs

For most households, the greatest energy costs occur during the winter. This year, in many areas, fuel costs are soaring. Rates are increasing by nearly one-third for some customers in the Boston area, for example. […]

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809, 2015

Top 5 Ways for Homeowners to Prepare for Winter

With the official beginning of the fall season last week, cooler temperatures are already on their way—bringing a smorgasbord of weather possibilities with the potential for property damage.
Jim Gustin, senior property specialist in risk control […]

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1808, 2015

Testimonios de nuestros clientes

Juan Pablo Sánchez
Casas Advisors me ayudo en todo el proceso de compra de mi casa, a pesar de que mi situación era algo complicada ellos hicieron todo lo posible para que al final lograra conseguir […]

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Customer Satisfaction

I bought my home 2 ½ years ago and I am absolutely happy. It was a charming experience to work with Laura and her team at Casas Advisors. Now that the time came to refinanance I went back to her! She helped me purchase my first home after 6 months of making offer after offer with no luck. I had a set budget and other homeowners beat me to the punch. I was frustrated and about to give up, but Laura never did and her positive attitude always helped to cheer me up, until we found the perfect home for me. It was love at first sight, and at that moment, I realized why the others were not! Everything ended up working perfectly thanks to Laura’s enthusiasm and efficiency with which she works, and since then I am a happy homeowner! Not only did she help me purchase my first home, but she also helped me make one of my biggest dreams come true: MY very own home…THANKS
I want to thank Alma Barbara Dang for helping me through one of the most difficult challenging parts of my life.
I did not know what to do…She quickly made a plan of action; at the same time kept calmness about the situation. I could not have asked a better person to see me through this. Know Alma Barbara Dang is my friendly Advisor about Real Estate Market. Her concern and kindness will not be forgotten.
In complete gratitude,

Natividad Luna & Family
Since the beginning of my house buying process the agents of Casas Advisors I was dealing with were very encouraging and supportive. They helped me throughout the searching and with all the other transactions that were needed. I consider myself a very demanding client and can gladly say that everyone treated me with the utmost patience. In the end this resulted into finding the perfect house for me and my family. I am incredibly grateful for the understanding, the dedication, and above all the help we received at Casas Advisors.

Tamara Uribe
Casas Advisors helped me tremendously throughout the process of buying my house. Even though my situation was somewhat complicated they did everything to help me achieve my dream of buying a house. Due to their amazing services and the attention bestowed upon me, I later made use of their services again to refinance my property. Once again we worked together closely every step of the way. Thanks to Casas Advisors I never faced any problems as they were always at my disposal, ready to help and erase all doubts.

Juan Pablo Sánchez
Casas Advisors aided me and my family a lot in buying our house. We first got into contact with them through the phone where we received very good advice from Mayra. This was followed by our first meeting with Linda Paz and Luis Carranza who helped us start the process and who were with us until the end from there on out. The experience and professionalism of the whole Casas Advisors team made the buying process very easy for us, leaving us very happy and grateful for their help.

Ruben Osorio

I want to say thank you to Casas Advisors for supporting me in the purchase of my house. I’m very thankful for the gift that I received for the entrance of my house as well and I express my gratitude to May Ramirez and the rest of the team. My experience with Casas Advisors was excellent, because of the great and professional help I received from the whole team. They were with me every step of the way until the day I set foot into my newly purchased house. I am very grateful and can’t wait to work with Casas Advisors again for the refinancing of my house.

Jhonatan Bolanos

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